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Store Services

Well first things first, if you have a product we sell at our stores or online, even if you did not buy it from RV&E bring it on down we are more than happy to help you. Even if it is not something we sell give us a call we probably know someone who can help. We want people to be out an active, not stuck at home trying to assemble a bike or repair a ice skate, come see us today or call and make an appointment.

Bike Fitting Service:
Rates vary $50-$100

Labor Rates:
  • Complete Overhaul of Bike
    • Does not include parts
    • $149.99
  • Tune-Up Special for Bikes
    • Includes Full Safety Check. Adjust both Derailleurs, Adjust Tire Pressure, Straighten Wheels/Spokes, Adjustment of Hubs Headset, Bottom Bracket, Clean & Lube Chain/Derailluers, Polish Frame
    • Starting at $79.99
  • Install Tube On Bike
    • $10-$15
  • Install Tube Off Bike
    • $5-$10
  • Overhaul Headset
    • $25
  • Overhaul Hub
    • $15
  • Overhaul Bottom Bracket.
    • $10-$20
  • Adjust Brake or Gear
    • $20
  • Wheel TRU
    • Starting at $10
  • DIsc Brake Service.
    • Starting at $25
  • Bike Assembly
    • Starting at $69.99
  • Drive Chain Cleaning
    • $25
  • Bicycle Shipping Box
    • $30
    • Sharpening Ice Skates:
      • $5 a pair

    We're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. Prices and selection may vary between websites and stores.
    Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!