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Selecting the right style for your lifestyle At RV&E, we know that buying a new bike in this age of digital still requires thoughtful consideration. We are consumers, too! If you have not treated yourself to a new bike in a few decades, rely on us to navigate for you. You may recognize a few styles described below, and many will be new to you.

    As you browse the different categories, consider 3 questions:
  1. Why do you want a new bike?
  2. What type of surface will you ride?
  3. Approximately how often and how far will you ride?

You see, we know that no one else in Rochester will invest the time and care that it takes to listen respectfully. You tell us about your needs and the circumstances that influence your decision, and we will guide you to the bike that meets your requirements. That is good, old-fashioned service, that our customers have come to expect for over 40 year.

We're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. Prices and selection may vary between websites and stores.
Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!