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We have the best brands and
styles of ice skates from CCM, Don Jackson and Softec. Stop in and let us help
you find the best fit and value for your favorite pastime.

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Don Jackson is a premier manufacturer of recreational, amateur & professional figure skates. At RV&E you will find the Glacier series beginning at $70.00. The Glacier is a traditional, lace-up skate designed for adults and kids taking figure skating lessons. These skates will conform to the foot like leather and make for a smart, long term investment! Stop in and learn more about them! Once you try them on, Don Jackson will always be your choice in figure skates.

For your recreational skating, your feet deserve Softec Skates from Don Jackson. No more breaking in a stiff leather boot! Available for men, women & children, they are fitted with either a hockey or figure style blade. They're warm and comfortable and available year 'round from RV&E Bike and Skate.

The CCM brand has been our choice of hockey skates for more than 25 years. We cater to the beginner, recreational and intermediate skater. With more value today than ever before, CCM hockey skates are always a favorite among skaters.

Youngsters just learning the basics of skating and hockey will be happy with the comfort of the entry level CCM skate, starting at $80.00. For adults playing in a no-check league or who simple like the maneuverability of a hockey skate, CCM offers a moderately priced skate at $170 which will last forever.

Did you know that ice skates do NOT come sharpened out of the box? Well, at RV&E they do! You can count on a professional sharpening included when you purchase your skates.

We're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. Prices and selection may vary between websites and stores.
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