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The mountain bike began life back in the 1970's, predominantly with a 26'' wheel. In recent years, the 29'' wheel mountain bike has jumped into the mix. In 2014, 7 years after their ''invention'', the 650b wheel is hitting the market & we are watching the 26'' evolve into a recreational bike. What is the real difference between wheel sizes?

  • 559mm = 26''
  • 584mm = 650b
  • 622mm = 29''

As you can see, a 650b is closer to being a 26'' wheel. So why might you consider a 650b for your next bike? You'll expend less energy rolling over that boulder with a 29'' wheel than you will with a 26'' or 650b. But throw in acceleration, deceleration and maneuverability, and you might be tempted to go for a 650b.

Selecting the right mountain bike begins with knowing where you want to ride, and how you want to ride! Do you like to jump over obstacles on the course, or you want the bike to roll over them? Are you riding hard packed trails, or muddy, rocky trails with drops & lots of hairpin turns?

Come on in and discuss the options with the people who can ride, fix and make recommendations based on your requirements.

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