Store Services

Quality Friendly Service

Well first things first, if you have a product we sell at our stores or online, even if you did not buy it from RV&E bring it on down we are more than happy to help you. Even if it is not something we sell give us a call we probably know someone who can help. We want people to be out an active, not stuck at home trying to assemble a bike or repair a ice skate, come see us today or call and make an appointment.

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Bike Fitting Service:

  • Rates vary $50-$100

Labor Rates:

Complete Overhaul of Bike
  • Does not include parts
  • $179.99
Tune-Up Special for Bikes
  • Includes Full Safety Check. Adjust both Derailleurs, Adjust Tire Pressure, Straighten Wheels/Spokes, Adjustment of Hubs Headset, Bottom Bracket, Clean & Lube Chain/Derailleurs, Polish Frame
  • Starting at $84.99
Install Tube On Bike
  • $10-$15
Install Tube Off Bike
  • $5-$10
Overhaul Headset
  • $25
Overhaul Hub
  • $15
Overhaul Bottom Bracket.
  • $10-$20
Adjust Brake or Gear
  • $20
Wheel Tru
  • Starting at $10
DIsc Brake Service
  • Starting at $25
Bike Assembly
  • Starting at $74.99
Drive Chain Cleaning
  • $30
Bicycle Shipping Box
  • $40
Sharpening Ice Skates
  • $6.48 a pair